CrossFit Simsbury Offers a New Program; Not Only For the Athletically Inclined

CrossFit Simsbury’s new LIGHT classes are modified CrossFit classes designed to provide an effective workout for everyone – beginners and athletes alike.

SIMSBURY, Conn. – Sept. 6, 2016 – CrossFit Simsbury launched LIGHT classes in addition to their regular programming. “We wanted to add CrossFit LIGHT to reach people who might not necessarily think CrossFit is for them,” said Rob Olson, Owner and Head Coach of CrossFit Simsbury. “The beautiful thing about CrossFit is that it is universally scalable, meaning an Olympic athlete can do CrossFit, same as my grandmother would.  While the athlete has specific athletic goals, my grandmother is more interested in prolonging an active lifestyle, and being able to do things for herself.  CrossFit utilizes functional movements, which directly relate to movements people do in real life.”

Unlike regular CrossFit classes, LIGHT classes exclude heavy weightlifting. Instead, participants use kettlebells, medicine balls and bodyweight movements to gain strength, flexibility and metabolic conditioning. “CrossFit LIGHT is about getting people moving with their body in a safe, controlled manner, to increase strength and mobility in a coach led class format,” said Olson.

The 45-minute LIGHT classes and are held at 7am and 10am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday; and 5:15pm on Tuesday and Wednesday. More class times may be added based on demand. CrossFit Simsbury offers unlimited LIGHT classes for $99 per month without any commitments. Anyone is welcome try their first class for free;  no prior training is needed to participate.

Find more information at or contact Rob Olson at or (860) 264-5705.

About CrossFit Simsbury

CrossFit Simsbury, opened by Rob Olson in 2013,  is located at 1285 Hopmeadow Street. CrossFit Simsbury offers elite fitness classes for adults, kids, and teens. Classes are coach-led and focus on varied, functional, high intensity movements.