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    Amanda Hollebone


    As your “prototypical” endurance athlete for about 20 years (slogging away at long, often lonely, mileage and far too infrequent high-intensity workouts), I discovered CrossFit a couple of months after completing my first Ironman triathlon in 2013. A week after racing, with no transition to speak of, I was back in the classroom teaching full-time and on the trails coaching and running with my prep school cross country team. By Thanksgiving I was physically spent, my mind felt numb, and I just needed some time away from swimming, biking, and running to refuel the fire. Close acquaintances who knew of CrossFit Simsbury’s recent opening recommended I try the high intensity, group-oriented, strength-building workouts….I had nothing to lose. So, I turned to CF to rebuild my body, my mind, and my passion for sport. Now, almost three years into my CF adventure, I can’t say enough about it! My schedule revolves around my one CF hour each day.

    Since my early on-ramp struggles and brutal realizations that I wasn’t as “fit” as I thought I was, I have earned my CF Level 1 and Endurance certifications, and I have used my CF knowledge and experience to not only complete my second Ironman triathlon in 2015 but also to train high school middle and distance runners. I have recently shifted gears in my career by joining the CF Simsbury coaching staff, establishing an adult running club, and taking on and personally training athletes who wish to challenge themselves through endurance racing. Come join me on Sundays at CF Simsbury where I lead a skills-based class focusing on gymnastic and body-weight movements!

    Current certifications:
    CrossFit Level 1
    CrossFit Endurance
    USATF Level 1
    RRCA Level 1
    EMT (State of CT)
    CPR with AED, First Aid