The main component of CrossFit Simsbury is the group CrossFit classes.  These classes take place Monday thru Friday, as well as Saturday morning.  Prior to entering the regular classes, you must either have 3 months of prior CrossFit experience, or have successfully completed our Prep Course.  Members pay a monthly membership fee and may attend any class that fit within their schedule.  The regular classes focus on increasing your abilities as a well-rounded athlete, and as such you will be exposed to weightlifting, gymnastics, olympic weightlifting, plyometrics, endurance and speed drills, as well as bodyweight exercises.

Each day has its own unique Workout of the Day (WOD).  A typical class involves the athlete coming in a few minutes before class to start getting warmed up and then at the start of class the Coach will lead the class through a dynamic warm-up.  The Coach then leads the class through a skill or strength based workout.  Typically these are followed up by 10-20 minute metabolic conditioning (metcon) workout.  Other days may involve a single, longer WOD.  Routine is the enemy.  Variance is key.

Another key component to the regular CrossFit classes is that beginners have the ability to workout next to veterans.  Every workout can be scaled to your abilities.  We offer three different variations of each workout (beginner, intermediate, advanced), and you can tailor it to your abilities even further if needed.