Want to know what its like at CrossFit Simsbury? Find a member, and ask them; they’ll be honest with you.  If you do not know any of us, check out what some of them have to say below.



Dear Rob, Nick, Amanda and Jay,
One year ago, I would never have dreamed that I would be able to fit into my honeymoon dress that I have held onto for 16 years! I am transformed and feel incredible. The combination of crossfit and RP Diet have been the magic that I have been seeking to find the results that I have achieved. What I appreciate most from all of the instructors at CFS is that you ALL talk the talk and walk the walk. You each have unique perspectives which I have gained from in the WOD’s and in the RP Diet. It took A LOT of hard work and determination to be where I am today and the support and encouragement from all of
you has been priceless. I feel the best that I have in 20 years. Thank you so much!



Prior to joining CrossFit, I was the stereotypical person who wanted to improve themselves but I allowed my excuses to prevent me from doing so. I had convinced myself that putting forth a lot of time and effort would only lead to frustration and continued failure as a result of previous unsuccessful experiences. I had many insecurities with regard to my personal fitness.

I initially joined at the urging of my family. Seeing and hearing about their achievements was a source of inspiration for me. Since becoming a member, I have found that one of the successes of CrossFit lies in the sense of community that exists amongst all the members and from its staff. No matter how daunting the exercise or intimidating the workout, a fellow member or coach is always there to provide positive feedback and support. This support has changed me from a person who has struggled from an early age with issues of self-confidence and anxiety.

In addition to the great sense of community, another aspect that I specifically like about CrossFit Simsbury is that the coaches are truly dedicated and attentive to each and every member. Available and always approachable, Rob, Jay and Katrina provide immediate and specific feedback to each member. These are qualities that I recognize and value as a fellow teacher. I also admire their drive and passion for fitness. That passion is clearly reflected in how they plan, instruct and personally coach each one of us. Positive, patient and understanding, they are accepting of everyone’s abilities. The daily workout is individually tailored keeping in mind the strengths and areas for growth of all involved. This approach ensures that everyone, including novices such as myself, are able to participate and helps reduce any anxiety one must feel no matter what his/her fitness level may be.

I can readily identify with anyone who is hesitant to join CrossFit. It can be overwhelming at first. However, taking on something out of your comfort zone usually is. The best part of the CrossFit experience for me has been the boost in my self-esteem and confidence as a result of the quality instruction and wonderful support I have received. I am doing things that I never thought I could do. My overall health has improved and the anxiety I have had about exercising has decreased along with my waistline. Now I can’t believe I didn’t join sooner! CrossFit Simsbury has helped me become a better version of myself and I look forward to continued success. It can bring out the best in anyone who is willing to give it a chance.

~ Jenn P.



Rob and Jay,

I want to start of with saying thank you for the last 2 winters of training.  Your coaching and motivation has started to work wonders on my summer water ski season, with that being said I figured should show  you some results. This season I just finished 1st at eastern regionals in slalom water skiing and 2nd at nationals. I have been chasing a podium finish at nationals for the last six years which was my last podium.  I have tried a lot of different cross-training over the last few winters and I am happy to say that finding Simsbury CrossFit is the best thing I have done for my skiing.  Thank you both again for that.

With one year till next years nationals there is a lot of work to be done because second is not enough.

Lastly, there a lot of high end athletes who see CrossFit as a workout that will take time away from their main focus. I think you have done a great job building a CrossFit gym that can only add to any athletes over all performance in what ever other sports they do.

See you this fall. Hope your summers been good.

-Dan W.


Hey Rob,

I wanted to thank you for the great coaching and awesome atmosphere at CF Simsbury. I travel a lot for work and drop-in at many boxes and Cf Simsbury is always my favorite place to visit.
The programming is killer, the culture is amazing and the facility is top notch.

Thank you for allowing me to drop-in with the great community you have built.



One year ago Kaydrie Aline Lagan and I took a scary (for us!) step and started the Crossfit Simsbury prep course. It’s been an incredible year that’s taken us to new heights (hello Mt. Washington) and LITERALLY changed our lives. Our idea of a good Saturday morning used to be a bagel and a good book, now it’s tire flips, atlas stones, double unders, deadlifts, rope climbs, and toe’s to bar. Our health has improved and our lives have been enhanced. Now we run faster and we jump higher. We lift heavier and we hold longer. We dip lower and we look stronger. We stand straighter and we work harder. We eat better and we sleep sounder. We’ve run races and climbed mountains; making a a slew of new friends along the way. We FEEL better and we LOOK better. Thanks Katrina LaClair, Jay Bean Miller and of course R.s. Olsonfor investing in us. We are so thankful and look forward to another year of ‪#‎gains‬! – Daniel and Kaydrie



“I have been a member at Crossfit Simsbury for about 3 months now. When I joined, I was looking to change up my workout routine and work on my mobility and form for lifting.

By completing Prep Course and showing up weekly to Olympic Weightlifting, I have seen a tremendous difference in my mobility, PRs, and overall WOD performance. I can squat deeper than I ever have, lift a little bit heavier, and feel confident in my form.

Yes, it takes practice and consistency on my part, but I do believe that Jay’s coaching has contributed to my overall success in just this short period of time. In every definition of the word he is a coach. His instruction goes beyond just fixing technique as he truly gets to know you not just as an athlete, but a person. I can not speaking highly enough about the programming at Crossfit Simsbury and can not wait to see what the next 3, 6, 12 months bring.” – Jill



I wanted to first thank you, Jay, and Katrina for a great year. CrossFit was truly a challenging, unique, and enjoyable experience and I learned a ton. I’ve been in athletics my whole life and have had a variety of different coaches over the years. I tell you with the utmost sincerity that you, Jay, and Katrina are three of the most genuine, passionate, and invested coaches and teachers that I have ever met. It was easy to tell from the start that each of you truly care about the members at CFSimsbury and it showed day in and day out. In looking back over the last year, I truly value the things that I learned (correct squat and deadlift form, snatch, power-clean form and confidence (thanks Jay!), handstand pushups, jerk, and many other awesome and challenging lifts). I will take this knowledge with me and now have the confidence that i can continue to progress on these lifts and will be doing so with the appropriate technique.

– Mike


I started at Crossfit Simsbury when it first opened in August. I had not exercised regularly in over five years. Needless to say I was nervous about starting a fitness regimen known for being so intense while being so out of shape. A friend of mine who had been crossfitting for a couple of years kept telling me that I could do it, that the workouts were scaleable for people of all fitness levels, and to just give it a try. So I did.

The structure of Crossfit Simsbury’s on ramp/prep class was the perfect remedy for relieving my nerves. Throughout the twelve classes Coaches Rob, Katrina, and Jay focused on instruction of the fundamental movements and exercises with an emphasis on form and safety over intensity. This is not to say that the first month wasn’t tough or marked by sore muscles, because it was and not just for beginning exercisers like me. But the intensity was manageable in the prep class and is manageable for every member of every class because each person completes the workouts to the level he/she can while getting direct instruction and feedback from the coaches. Within one class different members are likely lifting at many different weights and are completing exercises at varying speeds and repetition rates.

I’ve spent many classes with the person next to me lifting double or triple the weight I was lifting or finishing an exercise in half the time it took me, and surprisingly enough, rather than making me feel like I don’t belong, it’s in those times that I’ve felt the sense of community that you hear about with crossfit. I know for sure that I would never push myself to the same degree if I was working out in a gym by myself. At Crossfit Simsbury we are all pushing ourselves to our personal bests and there’s something about doing that in the same way, even at very different levels of fitness, that bonds people.

It has been about 3 1/2 months since I started at Crossfit Simsbury and I have countless benchmarks to mark my progressing fitness level. Most noticeably to other people, I have lost 25 pounds so far. I’ve learned a lot from the coaches and from other members about healthy eating. This has been another huge benefit of the community support of crossfit. Evidently removing 25 pounds and eating clean food will do wonders for your workout performance. Since the prep course I’ve improved my mile run by 3 minutes, increased the weight I can lift in every type of lift including a 50 pound increase in my deadlift, doubled the height that I can jump, and pretty much have continued to redefine my personal best in everything that we do.

I have many, many fitness goals to still accomplish. I don’t consider myself a crossfit “success story” rather I think I am a crossfit success story in progress. There’s no place I’d rather continuing progressing though than at Crossfit Simsbury.

– Jen


Dear Rob,

Thank you for all you done for my boys. Since joining CrossFit Simsbury in January 2014, my boys have advanced in ways I never expected. It was my expectation that they would be challenged physically – improving their cardio endurance and over all physical fitness. Much to my pleasure, all these things were realized and more.

My boys leave their teen sessions with Katrina with looks of both exhaustion and smiles of joy. Each day they are physically tested. Katrina seems to know just the right dose of pressure to apply so they can get the most out of each training session. She takes a real interest in getting to know the boys and understand how to motivate them positively toward an individual goal. My boys’ success in CrossFit is a direct result of her efforts. She is an asset to your organization.

The most unexpected benefit has been how CrossFit has crossed over into other sports they are playing. As their physical strength and cardio grew, so did their confidence and athleticism in team sports. This Fall, my oldest son was named MVP of his soccer team. I have no doubt CrossFit Simsbury gave him the competitive edge he needed to earn this award. If you ask either of them, they will tell you they are better athletes because of CrossFit Simsbury.

In addition, there is a nice group of boys and girls who participate in the teen classes – providing healthy competition and fun camaraderie in a positive environment. Kids can set and attain individual goals in a supportive group setting.

I wish you and your staff continued success. Thanks for impact you’ve made on my young boys.


Edward J. Wahlberg


Just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying the classes. I wasn’t really sure what cross fit was when I first signed up for the prep class, and I know I will never be lifting 150 lbs. or doing 100 double unders, but I love that everything can be modified to my body (and age!). I had never used a rowing machine before this, and it has been an amazing help to the arthritis in my shoulder. I think we need to recruit a bunch of seniors citizens to join!

Look forward to learing more in future classes.

– Jane


Awesome, huge facility. I dropped in while I was visiting my folks and Rob and Katrina couldn’t have been any cooler or more welcoming. Will definitely make a point of visiting anytime I’m in the area and would highly recommend Crossfit Simsbury to anyone in the area looking for a box or just want to see what Crossfit is all about. Update: Came back around the holiday season and, once again, the staff couldn’t have been more welcoming. The drop in rate for the week was absurdly reasonable and it was fun getting a chance to work out with all the coaches (Jay, Rob, and Katrina). In the short time since my last visit, the athletes have made huge advancements, which speaks volumes to both the coaching and the box community. Great job guys!

– Bill


Excellent coaching, facility, equipment and members! Rob, Jay & Katrina are top notch trainers and the programming is great. As someone who’s been a member at multiple gyms and drop in at facilities around the country throughout the year, I can say that CFS is one of the best. I’ll definitely be back the next time I’m in town to visit family. You all have a home if you’re ever in Nashville!

– Devin

I love Crossfit Simsbury! The coaches are A-MAZ-ING! I’ve been doing Crossfit for only 3 months and haven’t quit. That is a testament to Crossfit Simsbury b/c this old lady is a quitter. I look forward to going. The coaches are motivating and push you to be better. I accomplish more than I ever thought I could and get stronger every day. Thank you Rob, Katrina and Jay!!! You guys ROCK!

– Val


I learned about your gym thru a childhood and lifelong friend of mine that is like a brother to me, R. Hawkins. Last time I was at the Farm in PA he talked about your crossfit gym and since I’ve used a few of your WODs and I
just wanted to say, thanks. I’ve been active duty Army for 12yrs now andsince I’ve changed my outlook on strength training the addition of crossfit has resulted in big gains. I lift with guys that bleed crossfit but, I’m the rookie working on my  mobility and techniques…but, I’m hooked. I wish you all the success with your gym, will you be selling apparel on your site in the near future? I only ask because, when we show up for our lunch workouts some of the guys are really into the workouts I’ve recommended and they have asked if you sell shirts, stickers or anything that represents your gym.

Hope you have a good Thanksgiving.

Charles D. Bashor


“When I joined Crossfit Simsbury this past August, I had been trying to heal from a 10-month stretch of uninterrupted knee pain (under stress and at rest). Specifically, patellar tendonitis on my left knee. It was a result of many years of playing sports and lifting weights with poor posture.

After joining Rob’s box, i trained hard to improve my posture and to properly activate the correct leg and hip muscles during squats and strength workouts. As a witness to the good results i have been achieving since then, my deadlift 1RM went from

225lbs in August (with pain) to 315lbs in November (without knee pain). My left knee doesn’t hurt anymore, and my hamstrings and glutes are finally doing their job and taking pressure off of my knees and quads. I now feel stronger than ever, and i have to thank Crossfit for bringing my overall health and fitness to a level that i never thought possible.”

– Simone

I, like many others, came to Crossfit Simsbury for one reason – Results!! Results that I hadn’t been able to achieve either on my own or at the typical gym, for one reason or another.

From that first Prep class to the most recent WOD, I’ve been challenged in ways other fitness programs could never duplicate. I’ve really appreciated the way each class not only focuses on technique and form of a particular exercise, but also the individualized attention the trainers give to each member during the class. Whatever the question is – either before, during, or after class – the trainers have taken the time to discuss fitness and nutrition to help me reach my goals, and this has made a difference. There is no doubt that Crossfit is challenging, but being able to scale each workout to the abilities of each member ensures that the work-out goal for that day is reachable. One of the more surprising aspects of Crossfit is also the level of camaraderie among the various classes and their members. It’s an added bonus to not only have a trainer encouraging you to finish that last set or rep, but to have other members stand alongside to give encouragement – that’s just another benefit that is not found at many other gyms.

I’m very thankful to Rob, Katrina and Jay for their instruction and support as I continue to get results and, not only reach personal goals, but set new ones. Their dedication to training and depth of knowledge regarding fitness is impressive and appreciated.

Get it!!





Thank you for your birthday greetings. It was a special start to my birthday today to be at our Masters class with Jay and the others in our 50’s+ group. I feel very thankful to have found such a great way to really enjoy my workouts. You and Jay are great teachers and I love the experience of sharing workouts with others and meeting new people along the way. Good going on starting a special class for people like me.  I can’t think of a more fun way to get a good workout and learn at the same time plus enjoy the company of others in the process.